How to build relationships in the online chat

How to build relationships in the online chat

Nowadays, our modern world is dependent on electronic technology. We use the opportunities of our devices every day.

Why do we choose online communication?

A lot of people use the online communication services. Different people have different motivation for using them:

– one category of people does not have time for communication in real life. The rhythm of their lives is too fast, so these people prefer virtual communication;

– another category of people use this way of communication, since there is practically no censorship in the virtual world and they do not have any limits anymore;

– someone cannot communicate in real world due to their character.

How to communicate in the online chats?

It is important to follow certain rules in virtual communication in order to make this communication pleasant and interesting.

First of all, you have to convince your interlocutor that you are a real person. To do this you should:

* use your real photos in your profile;

* introduce yourself.

Try to be as open as possible. Talking to a stranger, try to:

* smile and look directly in the eyes;

* listen to your interlocutor, of course, if you want to communicate with him/her;

* discuss an interesting topic;

* avoid those topics that may offend your partner.

Remember that when you communicate with a person you like, you should not be distracted by something else. Pay your attention only to your interlocutor and you will receive his or her attention in return.

If you communicate with a person for some time and know him/her a little, do not forget to send congratulations on holidays and memorable dates.

When your friend faces some unpleasant events or situations, help him, if you can. Even if he does not need any special help from you.

If you argue with someone who you like in the chat, do not rush forget him/her. Perhaps, you will wake up the next morning and look at the situation with completely differently.

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